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October 16, 2011
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
He was not just a creep. She could've lived with that. A creepy guy could be good in bed. That wasn't the problem with him.

The problem was that he was a complete and utter jerk. Calling her all kinds of names, treating every woman he met on the street the same way. She wondered how many other women he was sleeping with. She gave him everything he wanted, and he took it for granted. There were at least three guys she knew, right now, who would treat her a hundred times better if she was with them instead.

"See ya later, bitch," he sneered at her as he went out.

She glared after the door after he slammed it shut, teeth grinding angrily.

But she wasn't going to take it anymore. She had a plan.

It had taken weeks for her to find the obscure website with a lot of numbers in it's url. Which had led to a phone number. Which had only been connected to an answering machine. Reluctantly, she had left her mailing address. She had wondered if it was all a scam, but....they hadn't asked for any money. Of course, that didn't mean it wasn't a scam but....somehow she didn't think so.

But her hopes were vindicated when the doorbell rang; he wouldn't knock.

She opened it and looked around, no one was there. But a box was by the door, the address label from a courier service she'd never heard of before. It was medium sized, unremarkable white box sealed with duct tape. But when she picked it up, it was heavier than it looked; some kind of insulation? She shook it gingerly, but there was no movement inside, it must be packed tight.

With some effort she maneuvered it inside and set it on the kitchen table. The table trembled a bit under the weight.

She opened it. The packing was indeed dense styrofoam. Within were four vials of some bright yellow liquid. It was so bright it almost glowed. There were no labels, but a single typed note came with it. It read,

"Each vial is good for one transformation. The gender will be reversed and the intelligence of the subject lowered. It should be obvious that the fluid is not meant for self-dosage. If gender change for the purchaser was desired, contact the following phone number instead. There are no refunds and we take no responsibility for any errors you may make. Dosing an existing drink with the fluid is feasible but you must use an entire vial for the transformation to be complete."

She made note of the phone number; being a man might be interesting, at least temporarily. She was happy with being a woman on the whole, though.

She grinned at the four vials. Really, she only needed one; but she could save the others for future use. The note said nothing about refrigeration or storage. Presumably they would keep.

He was arrogant, but also unobservant; she considered just trying to get him to drink it as is. But he was s also stubborn and particular. He always drank bourbon. It was just about the only classy thing about him. What had ever attracted him to the first place? Oh. Yes. That. She chuckled a little, but then the smile faded.

So she would have a very special bourbon waiting for him when he got home.

He got back about three hours later, slightly drunk already, which would only help. He certainly would want more booze.

"Hi honey," she purred at him. "I got your drink ready!"

"Good thing too," he snorted, and tossed it back, taking only two swallows to finish. He smacked his lips. "Tastes lemony. Hmmh. Anyway, I'm gonna shower, and then I expect you to be on that bed."

She nodded. "Sure!" She repressed a giggle, trying to hide her excitement. Then she frowned; the note hadn't said how long it was supposed to take. She hoped it wouldn't be too long....

She watched him stagger into the bedroom, and followed him in. He started to peel out of his clothes somewhat sloppily, then hiccuped.

Then hiccuped again.

He frowned, shook himself, and took the rest of his clothes off. He stumbled blearily towards the shower, still shaking his head and massaging his temples.

"Something wrong?" she asked, trying to sound concerned.

"Thought you were supposed to get the hangover after the buzz wore off," he muttered. Then hiccuped again. "Never mind, skank. Get on the bed, I'll be...I'll be..."


"Like, totally right there...." he half stumbled, half fell into the shower.

"What is it, baby?" she asked, approaching.

He waved her away, feebly reaching up with a trembling hand to turn the water on. "I told you to, like, wait on the bed....urrnnngghh...." He hiccuped again, body trembling and shifting before her eyes.

First his somewhat flabby pecs began to swell, and his arms began to thin down.

She backed up a couple steps, trying to keep the excited grin off her face.

"Like, uhhh, what's happening? I feel so strange..." his voice rose an octave, his legs getting thinner, his hips wider, his hair turning a dirty blonde.

She backed off further, unable to stop grinning now, as the loser became better physically, if not psychologically.

"Whaaat's happening?!? Like, I dunno what's going on around here. I feel....fuchsia. Like, what the hell is fuchsia?"

"It's a shade of reddish purple," she explained helpfully.

"Why would I fee thaaaa....." A monstrous hiccup. "Whass happening to me? Like, I'm totally feeling strange."

"Maybe you should lay down, honey," she suggested.

"Um, yeah..." her former boyfriend was definitely 90% transformed into a woman now. And a valley girl, at that. S/he held up a weak, trembling hand, and she took it, grinning. S/he didn't notice the malevolence of her grin.

Heaving the valley girl over her shoulder, she carried the transformed jerk to bed, and tossed him/her on it. "You just rest now, baby," she advised the valley girl, eyes glinting with vengeance. "We can get it on later."

"Yeah, like, I'm gonna totally shag yer brains out..." one last hiccup, and the transformation was complete. The valley girl relaxed into slumber.

She considered the transformed person before her. It annoyed her a little that the former man had a nicer body than her. But that gave her another idea.

She slipped out of the bedroom and activated her cell phone. "Hey, Josh?" Josh was the jerk's best friend. "Yeah, he's not here right now, but there's this totally hot girl passed out on his bed. A virgin, I think. Easy pickings, for sure." She listened to his response. "Oh, call it a favor from me to you. You can come right over? Great!"

Josh came over about twenty minutes later; apparently he had freshened up, as though it was a date. She chuckled and shook her head. Josh was a little smarter, but only a little. "No need to clean up, honey. She's toast."

"Can't believe he isn't here to take her," he mused.

"I'm sure he would. Maybe he'll be back later."

"What about you," he leered at her. "You want in on the fun?"

"Not right now. Maybe later," she said, and she meant it, too. It would be another layer of revenge. She still enjoyed getting it on with the bad boys. She just wanted them not to be stupid about it, especially towards her. "But for right now I think you should get some of that fresh meat!"

Josh nodded and grinned. He stalked into the room like the the predator he was.

She hung back and watched, grinning, hardly able to contain herself.

At first the valley girl was out of it as Josh stripped off and settled atop her. Then she began to mumble and moan in protest.

"Whuh.....Josh....hey, like, what the hell are you doing?!?"

"Dunno how you know my name, chickie, but you're goin for a ride. Don't worry, it'll be great."

"What, what chickie? Like, what are you talking about?!? It's m—unnngh. Argh! How is that even...wait, I'm a chick?!? Like what the hell—ARRGGH. ARRRRRGHHHH!" The valley girl screamed and thrashed, but it was like she didn't know how to fight back.

Which made sense, she reflected; after all. He had never been that smart, and relied on brute force. As the valley girl, he no longer had the strength to back that up.

At first, she could tell, the valley girl was totally humiliated, not to mention confused. But as the initial pain subsided, the valley girl submitted, whimpering in confusion, but starting to enjoy it despite herself. Physically, anyway.

"Unnnh....nnnhh....this isn't right, I can't be like this..hnnnhhhh...."

"Shhh baby," Josh crooned. "Relax and enjoy it."

"Buh....but that's, like, totally what I used to say—UNHHNNGGNHHHH." Almost against her own will, the valley girl's legs wrapped around Josh, accepting it, accepting his loathsome hairy body atop her, crushing her new breasts. "Ooohhh...I don't like this.....I don't want—UNNNHHH."

"Sure you do baby," Josh sneered. "Give in to it. Your body is already going with the flow."

And it was true, the valley girl's new body was moving with him. "Hunnhhhh....never knew it could feel like this...a-AAAHHHH. Ohh my god. OH!"

Josh began to pound into her faster, and her hands started clawing at his back, a move she recognized all too well as her own. She nodded, grinning.

"Ohhh...NO...YES...NO...OHH GOD YES. AUUNNGGHH! Not so rough...AHHHH....hunnnhhh....I like it...why do I like it?!?" The valley girl's eyes misted with tears and confusion.

"Cuz you're a bitch. Take it!" Josh grunted in satisfaction, slamming into her.

"Unnnh, ARGH. Ohhh you creep....HUNNHH!"

"Shut up, babe," Josh leered and licked her neck and face.


"I'm gonna give it to ya babe," he panted. "Gonna give you my load!"

"Uh?? No Josh, like, don't do it, I don't wan--"

"Shut up and take it!" He slammed it in one last time and settled his weight on her. "Oh....YEAHHHHHH..." his body jerked, twice, three times, four.

"Oh no....hnnnnhhhhhh..." the valley girl collapsed and sighed. Conflicting emotions were written on her face.

He got off the valley girl and looked back at their grinning host. "Hey babe, didn't know you liked to watch."

"First time I ever did. Was pretty cool." Those words were more true than Josh would ever know.

"Sure you don't want in on this action?"

"Not this time. Maybe later. But hey," she brightened, another idea occurring to her. "Hey, why don't you take her home with you?"

"Sounds great but....she's got not clothes?"

"Like, what are you two talking about?!?" the valley girl expostulated. They both ignored her.

"She can have a top and skirt from me," she said. She appraised the valley girl with a critical eye. "She's taller and skinnier than me, but not enough that it won't fit. She fished out a floral print top and a black miniskirt. "Don't bother with undies, she doesn't wear any."

Josh dressed the still protesting and confused valley girl, slung her over his shoulder, and carried her out.

"Josh, like, I know this is gonna sound totally crazy. But it's me. I'm not really--" the valley girl began.

"Bye Josh!" she called, cutting her transformed ex off. "Maybe we'll hook up next week, after you've had some more fun with her!"

"I hear that!" Josh called back.

She closed the door, laughing. And she would shag Josh too, oh yes. But first she'd find a better guy. There was that sweet boy she'd met on the internet last week....

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